VWR® SPILL-X® Spill Kits, Mobile

Supplier: Avantor
VWR® Spill-X®
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VWR® SPILL-X® Spill Kits, Mobile
Spill Control Materials
Developed to economically treat small spills, such as those that can occur in a laboratory environment. Provides easy access to the appropriate control agent for a particular type of chemical spill.

  • Treats hazardous spills rather than just repackaging them
  • Safe, easy to use, with the highest per volume absorption capacity
  • Neutralises and solidifies acids and caustics for easy waste disposal (SPILL-X-A®, SPILL-X-C®)
  • Absorbs solvents and raises the flash point above 60 °C, without producing toxic by-products (SPILL-X-S®)
  • SPILL-X® case comes with portable, semi-portable or permanent mounting options

PP containers allow for both types of agent application, namely pouring or shaking. Each bottle can treat a spillage up to 1,9 litres (1,4 to 1,9 m²). Converts caustics and acids into non hazardous compounds that meet EPA specifications for non hazardous waste. Can be used effectively to deal with accidental spills or release of acids (SPILL X A®, also suitable for hydrofluoric acid HF), caustics (SPILL X C®), solvents (SPILL X S®) and formaldehyde (SPILL X FP®) in the workplace.

SPILL-X® kit case W×D×H: 470×145×550 mm (closed)

Informace pro objednávání: Each kit comprises of 6 bottles of individual agents, 1× pack of eye and hand protective accessories (1× safety goggles, 1× nitrile gloves, 2× clean up pans, 1× scraper, 6× waste bags, 1× treatment guide leaflet), a graphic instruction card, wall-mount screws and anchors. Everything is supplied in a plastic portable case. Please order refill bottles of SPILL-X® agents and extra packs of eye and hand protecting accessories separately.
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