VWR®, Spillage granules, acid neutraliser, ALGOSOL N

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Algosol N
99910.414EA 184 EUR
VWR®, Spillage granules, acid neutraliser, ALGOSOL N
Spill Control Materials
Algosol is a unique, natural product made from seaweed, suitable for the neutralisation of acids, such as hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric and hydrofluoric. It absorbs spills immediately without breaking up, and can be used to extinguish fires.

  • Non toxic, non flammable and dust-free
  • Can be swept up easily
  • Stable, chemically inert and non polluting

1 kg of Algosol neutralises 180 ml of 95% sulphuric acid or 530 ml of 36% hydrochloric acid or 400 ml of 70% nitric acid or 260 ml of 40% hydrofluoric acid.
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