Colony counter, STC 100

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor

710-0710EA 1270 EUR
Colony counter, STC 100
Colony Counters
The STC 100 is designed for the rapid and accurate counting of bacterial colonies.

  • Multifunctional graphic display shows the number of colonies, average, time and date
  • Audible and visible confirmation of each count
  • Values can be saved on a memory card (optional)

There is a choice between single mode (count on one Petri dish) and multiple mode (count up to 20 dishes and the average continuously calculated and displayed). The instrument has a pressure-sensitive dish holder so it can be used with any kind of marker pen or probe. An optional external counting marker can also be connected. With the communication package, count values can be stored with date and time. Additionally, there is the possibility to add sample IDs or barcodes (optional reader) to the count value.

Delivery information: Supplied with a black background plate, magnifying glass, standard marker, Wolffhügel grid, adapter for 90 mm Petri dishes and cable with universal plug.
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