Carboys, wide neck, PP

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor

216-0617EA 153 EUR
216-0617 VWRU89170-782 216-0625 216-0637 216-0630 VWRU89170-806 216-0636 216-0631 VWRU89170-784 216-0624 216-0618 216-0623 VWRU89170-800 216-0616 216-0827 216-0611 VWRU89170-790 216-0638
Carboys, wide neck, PP
Bottles Carboys
PP, opaque.

  • Versatile Cap technology provides the flexibility of interchangeable connectors
  • Extra wide mouth version for easy filling and cleaning
  • Smart Barb technology provides interchangeable spigot options

The carboy is an advanced fluid handling system developed with the end user in mind. This ergonomically-designed carboy body, coupled with VWR® Versatile Cap technology, provides the user with something that is easy to use and easy to clean. Made from polypropylene that offers good chemical resistance and heat stability. Carboys may also be autoclaved. The carboy body includes design features that make it easier to hold and manipulate during lifting, filling and pouring, while the Versatile Cap technology provides interchangeable, leakproof connections. Features include a set of handles at both the top and bottom, easy to read embossed graduation marks, and moulded carboy material type identification mark. 20 and 40 litre carboys are also available with an extra wide mouth for easier filling and cleaning.
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