Cleanroom lab coats, VWR Basic, SPP, disposable

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor

VWR® Basic
113-1112EA 75.9 EUR
VWRU414004-353 113-1112 113-1113 VWRU414004-354 113-1118 113-1115 113-1111 113-1121 VWRU89136-824 VWRU89208-750 113-1123 VWRU414004-345 VWRU414004-348 113-1119 113-1116 VWRU414004-342 113-1122 VWRU89208-752 VWRU89136-828 VWRU414004-343 VWRU414004-351 VWRU414004-346 113-1124 113-1120 VWRU414004-350 VWRU414004-344 113-1114
Cleanroom lab coats, VWR Basic, SPP, disposable
Disposable Garments
VWR Basic SPP lab coats are manufactured from a strong, lightweight and breathable spunbonded polypropylene (SPP) fabric, which protects against dirt, grime, and certain dry particulates in non hazardous environments.

  • Tapered collar, inset sleeves, snap closure
  • Elasticated or knitted cuffs, no pockets or three pockets
  • Lightweight and breathable first line barrier protection

This garment is ideal for less critical areas or pre-gowning entry rooms. It is tested and manufactured in an ISO certified facility and lot controlled and validated through independent laboratory testing.

Balení: 25 or 30 coats per carton.
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