Ultrapure water systems, Synergy®

Supplier: Merck
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Ultrapure water systems, Synergy®
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
Synergy® ultrapure water systems are ideal for laboratories with access to purified water that needs a 'point of use' supply of high quality ultrapure water. The Synergy® system is suitable for users needing 2 to 20 L/day. The system produces Type I water from pre-treated water at a flow from 1 to 1,5 L/min. The water produced is suitable for the preparation of buffers for liquid chromatography, biochemical experiments, isocratic or gradient solutions for HPLC analysis, culture media for bacteriological analysis or cell cultures and solutions for spectrophotometry, spectroscopy and other analytical techniques.

  • Can be operated with or without remote dispenser
  • Easy monitoring: measures and displays water quality on its two-line, alphanumeric display with a choice of six languages
  • Automatic recirculation allows the system to maintain water quality in-between periods of use
  • Simple to operate and maintain: Unique purification packs simplify cartridge replacement
  • Built-in dispense timer simplifies the dispensing operation and reduces operator attendance
  • UV photo-oxidation for low organic contamination (UV model only)
  • The system's compact design, along with the versatile remote dispenser, ensures easy installation anywhere in the laboratory, either on the bench or wall mounted

The system monitor informs the user when cartridge exchange is required or when the UV lamp needs replacing (UV model only). A built-in timer allows the operator to deliver water for a fixed time period. The system automatically stops once the time period has elapsed. The time period can easily be set by the user between 1 and 60 minutes and, remains stored in the memory until modified.

* With BioPak® final.

Informace pro objednávání: SynergyPak® cartridge should be added with a Millipak® or BioPak® final filter.
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