Water still, Distinction D4000

Supplier: Cole Parmer

171-1205EA 2720 EUR
Water still, Distinction D4000
Water Purification Systems Stills
The all glass construction and silica sheathed heating element ensure exceptionally high quality pyrogen-free distillate (although distillate should be tested). Fitted with two independent thermostats to prevent overheating in the event of cooling water supply failure; one is mounted in the condenser vent tube to quickly detect water supply failure and the second is mounted inside the boiler. Either will turn off the heater if the water supply becomes too Low. The second thermostat also acts as a backup to the first for extra security. As there is no metal in contact with the water, the Distinction D4000 eliminates the risk of metal ions Leeching out into the water causing contamination to the distillate. The unit is also fitted with a Level control device that will automatically turn off the heater when the reservoir is full. This allows the still to run unattended without risk of the reservoir overflowing.

  • Rapid, reliable, convenient and economical
  • Support stand allows either bench or wall installation
  • Built-in PTFE drain stopcock and acid funnel allow easy cleaning without dismantling the glassware
  • Unique condenser design ensures that the droplets remain in contact with the cooling coil thereby producing cold distilled water

pH, conductivity and resistivity are affected by temperature and the presence of absorbed carbon dioxide. Specifications are based on tests conducted at 20 °C with CO₂-free water.

Care is needed to obtain pyrogen-free water and the distillate must be tested before use.

Water still heating elements are excluded from the 3 year warranty and are covered for 1000 hours use.
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