VWR®, Circulating Chillers

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VWR®, Circulating Chillers
Circulating Thermostats Closed Circulator Systems Cooling Circulators
These circulating chillers are an environmentally friendly, water-conserving and reliable means of controlling the temperature of liquids in open tanks or closed loop systems. They provide high cooling performance at low cost. With a temperature range from −10 to +40 °C, they are ideally suited for many process and routine applications.

  • Exceptional cooling performance and wide temperature range from −10 to +40 °C
  • Extra large digital display for easy reading of the set temperature, the flow rate and/or the pressure even from a distance
  • Optical and acoustic alarm function if any of the set parameters are not maintained
  • Adjustable low and high temperature limits, low fluid level alarm function, temperature stability with easy to operate calibration function and optional interfaces for various functions, such as remote control

There are two pump versions available, with a wide choice of cooling volumes and compressor sizes to suit special applications. The devices are characterised by readily programmable, bright LED displays that can be read easily and comfortably. The standard, magnetically-coupled centrifugal pumps (MD model series) generate a high flow rate at relatively low pressure. The positive displacement pumps (PD model series) have a lower flow rate, but provide higher, adjustable pressures for more demanding applications. The modulating system maintains stable temperatures, even under fluctuating load conditions. The circulating chillers provide a temperature stability of ±0,1 °C.
Dimensions (W×H×D): 368×575×702 mm.

Max. flow rate/max. pressure:
MD models: 14,7 L/min, 0,66 bar
PD models: 3,6 L/min, 5,7 bar

Delivery information: Supplied with ½" lockable NPT inlet and outlet fittings and lockable castors. Each unit is supplied complete with three plugs: EU, UK and CH for use throughout Europe. Please contact your local Avantor sales office for details of options and accessories.

Upozornení: * Cooling capacity at +20, +10 and 0 °C.
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