VWR®, Short Thread Vials ND9

Supplier: VWR
548-2533AEA 453 EUR
548-2533A 548-0455A 548-2488A 548-2420A 548-2496A 548-0855A 548-2121A 548-1471A 548-1083A 548-0706A 548-0912A 548-2125A 548-0427A 548-2359A 548-1851A 548-0909A 548-1055A 548-1419A 548-2593A 548-3343A 548-9011A 548-3253A 548-0440A 548-0177A 548-0452A 548-2495A 548-0428A 548-2144A 548-8013A 548-1092A 548-0028A 548-1488A 548-2172A 548-1056A 548-2095A 548-1363A 548-3201A 548-3047A 548-1848A 548-3213A 548-3342A 548-2491A 548-9012A 548-0453A 548-2498A 548-0910A 548-2002A 548-0029A 548-0425A 548-8012A 548-3309A 548-1421A 548-2094A 548-1457A 548-0907A 548-1853A 548-2098A 548-1396A 548-2482A 548-3276A 548-2490A 548-0081A 548-1417A 548-2489A 548-2421A 548-0450A 548-3275A 548-3352A 548-2497A 548-0894A 548-2364A 548-0911A 548-2134A 548-0854A 548-0426A 548-8011A 548-1422A 548-0908A 548-2372A 548-1442A 548-1373A 548-1955A 548-0030A 548-3255A 548-1931A 548-3259A
VWR®, Short Thread Vials ND9
Short thread ND9 vials manufactured from 1st hydrolytic class borosilicate glass with flat bottom. They can be purchased with a variety of polypropylene seal styles and septa materials.

  • High performance caps/septa
  • Good handling with gloves
  • Quick assembly
  • Easy filling (wide opening)

Short thread ND9 vials constructed from type I borosilicate glass with low metal content. Vials are available in amber or clear version with a flat bottom to ensure compatibility with glass and plastic inserts. Associated screw caps mostly available with assembled septa are engineered to prevent sample contamination while providing consistent, secure seals. The use of closed caps allows the samples to be stored for a long time (long-term storage applications). The open top caps come with a 5,9 mm hole. Furthermore, short thread vials ND9 are available in amber and transparent plastic version.
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