AccessPoint Outdoor

Supplier: SenseAnywhere

620-2432EA 270 EUR
620-2432 620-2469
AccessPoint Outdoor
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The SenseAnywhere AccessPoint is an economic and reliable plug and play device that connects SenseAnywhere’s wireless Sensors to the Cloud service of SenseAnywhere. The casing is dust- and weatherproof making it very suitable for outdoor use.

  • SenseAnywhere wireless protocol with automatic service discovery and seamless roaming
  • Wireless frequency ISM Band, 868 MHz (ITU Region 1)
  • Wired protocol 10Mbit Ethernet 10BASE-T, TCP/IP port 80, DHCP, DNS
  • No limit to number of data loggers supported

SenseAnywhere AccessPoints connect our Sensors to SenseAnywhere’s Cloud Service. The wireless communication between the Sensors and the network is a 2-way communication. A Sensor automatically discovers SenseAnywhere AccessPoints at any given location and transmits its data to the central database and awaits a confirmation of good reception. When confirmation arrives, the message is removed from the Sensor’s memory. The protocol features re-transmission attempts and duplicate packet filtering, so no event ever gets lost. Our Outdoor AccessPoint is for the outdoors or very dusty environments.

Ethernet connector: Shielded RJ45
Voltage: 5V DC
Current: 175 mA
Mounting: preferred mounting position is vertical. For best wireless performance try to avoid mounting on metal surfaces, reinforced concrete walls, inside metal racks or cabinets.
Operating temp.: -20...+50 °C

Certifikace: Compatibility: CE, EN300328, EN55022 (868 MHz).

Informace pro objednávání: Additional system components are required; contact your Avantor representative for more information.
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