Autoclavable peel pouches, with steam indicator, self seal, 1073B Tyvek® / polyester

Supplier: Keystone Cleanroom Products

129-1683EA 4660 EUR
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Autoclavable peel pouches, with steam indicator, self seal, 1073B Tyvek® / polyester
Bags Sterilisation Pouches
Improve the prep time, performance, microbial barrier and cleanliness of your autoclave peel pouches.

  • Manufactured and packed in a controlled cleanroom environment
  • Easy, fast and reliable self-sealing closure system
  • Integrated steam sterilisation indicator - autoclavable at 121 to 125 °C
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • One side made of hydrophobic and lint-free Tyvek® 1073B
  • One side made of laminated polyester/polyolefin film
  • Peels open cleanly

A significant upgrade over paper-based steam sterilisation pouches. These Tyvek® peel pouches will not rip or puncture like paper-based autoclave pouches routinely do. Save valuable time in equipment preparation with the easy to use self-sealing closure system. No need for the use and validation of a heat sealer.

Tyvek® medical grade 1073B material has the highest microbial barrier properties of any steam sterilisation compatible materials. They are also compatible with VHP decontamination cycles commonly used with Isolator technology. Will not absorb or adsorb water.

Delivery information: Certificates of Conformance sent with each shipment.
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