VWR® Auto lite, Automatic Colony Counters

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Auto lite
710-2072EA 4460 EUR
VWR® Auto lite, Automatic Colony Counters
Colony Counters
Auto lite is the latest affordable, automated colony counting device. The Auto lite is available in one configuration and features simple to use software that greatly improves efficiency, reliability and productivity. Auto lite software uses a powerful algorithm for colony counting on pour and spiral plates. A colony separator automatically splits touching colonies to further improve the accuracy of the counting process.

  • Low cost entry into electronic colony counting, pour and spiral
  • Results and plate images are saved to a PC enabling traceability, consistency and report generation in Excel
  • Plates can be counted in under 1 second
  • Displays the image on your computer screen with counted colonies clearly marked - the zoom function allows the user to closely view plates, confirming accurate counting
  • An integral CCD colour camera can be adjusted to increase the sensitivity of detection, enabling colonies as small as 0,1 mm to be imaged and counted
  • Switchable LED lighting from upper to lower, both light and dark media can be counted in best conditions

Plates are automatically counted with results directly transferred to PDF, Excel or Open office. The Auto lite accepts plates up to 90 mm in diameter. Lighting is provided by LEDs mounted above and below the sample area for both
transmitted and epi illumination. A detachable screen can be used to eliminate strong ambient light if required. Auto lite can be used with any conforming laptop or desktop PC and connects simply by using a USB port.

Data is stored in a SQL Server Express database automatically saving data in a secure manner.
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