VWR®LABWASH® Premium USB, Detergents and cleaning agents for ultrasonic baths

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VWR®LABWASH® Premium USB, Detergents and cleaning agents for ultrasonic baths
Cleaning Agents Detergents and Surface Cleansers
A range of cleaning agents designed for use in ultrasonic baths.

VWR® LABWASH® Premium USB 13 is an intensive and thorough product for removing organic deposits such as oils, resins, greases from equipment and tools; especially in ultrasonic baths.
The product contains special corrosion inhibitors to increase material compatibility. Contained dispersants in combination with surfactants provide fast and intensive cleaning.

Working concentration: 2 - 15% (without ultrasonic); 0,5 - 8% (with ultrasonic).

VWR® LABWASH® Premium USB 33 Universal is specially designed for cleaning in ultrasonic baths. The product is characterized by a high material compatibility and cleaning power. Mineral (salts etc.) and organic (e.g. greases and oils) coatings are effectively emulsified and removed.

Working concentration: 1 – 10% (without ultrasonic); 2 - 5% (with ultrasonic).

VWR LABWASH® Classic Universal is characterised by a high content of phosphates in combination with dispersing aids and surfactants. This combination produces a very strong cleaning result against organic and inorganic soiling, such as oils, proteins, greases, resins etc. Even burnt-on and encrusted structures are dissolved and softened so that they can be rinsed of in the optimum case. A special surfactant composition ensures strong penetration of residues and a real creeping effect; that´s why it can be called self-acting cleaning (depending on the exposure time). The product is free of caustic
potash and chlorine and is characterized by a high material compatibility.

Working concentration: 0.5 – 2% depending on the degree of soiling and the application; contact time 10 – 20 min (in individual cases and after testing, longer contact times are also possible)
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