Handheld automated analytical syringe, eVol® XR

Supplier: SGE (Trajan)
eVol® XR
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Handheld automated analytical syringe, eVol® XR
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eVol® is the coupling of two precision devices: A digitally-controlled electronic drive and an XCHANGE®-enabled analytical syringe. The result is a digitally-controlled, positive-displacement dispensing system that can be programmed to reproducibly and accurately perform a wide variety of liquid handling procedures.

  • Precise user-independent handling procedures
  • XCHANGE® analytical syringes can be easily and quickly changed allowing them to be dedicated to individual liquids and methods preventing possible cross-contamination of reagents
  • Perfect solution for accurately aspirating and dispensing both aqueous and non aqueous liquids

Typical applications: Preparation of calibration standards, addition of internal standards, precise dispensing of non aqueous liquids and sample dilution. Only five XCHANGE® syringes are required to dispense liquid volumes covering the range from 0,2 to 1000 μl.

eVol® features a familiar Touch Wheel user-interface and a full colour screen. The smart menu allows all the functions to be accessed logically and quickly. Programming functions are intuitive and include help screens and prompts.

To comply with stringent laboratory standards (e.g, GLP, GMP, FDA) eVol® can be easily calibrated to ensure accurate dispensing at all times. The gravimetric calibration procedure is simple, intuitive and can be performed at appropriate intervals. Calibration factors can be stored for up to 10 XCHANGE® syringes and can be quickly loaded when the syringe is changed.

Note: All SGE 25 to 250 µl replacement needles can be used with the 50 to 100 µl eVol® syringes. All SGE 1 to 2,5 ml replacement needles can be used with the 500 µl eVol® syringe.

Delivery information: eVol® XR automated analytical syringe starter kit is supplied with eVol® XR electronic syringe, three eVol® syringes; 5 and 100 µl and 1 ml, stand, universal charger, instruction manual and disc with manual in multiple languages. eVol® NMR starter kit contains eVol® electronic syringe (handle), 3 eVol® syringes - 5 µl syringe is supplied with a 115 mm needle, 50 and 500 µl syringes are supplied with both 115 and 180 mm needles, stand, universal charger, comprehensive instruction manual, disc with manual in multiple languages.
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