DNase I Digest Kit, peqGOLD

Supplier: VWR Peqlab
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DNase I Digest Kit, peqGOLD
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The peqGOLD DNase I Digest Kit is optimized for use with peqGOLD RNA extraction protocols. Normally DNase I digestion is not required for RNA purified with peqGOLD RNA Mini Columns as our silica-based spin column technology efficiently removes the majority of DNA without enzymatic digestion. However, certain sensitive RNA applications may require further DNA removal.

  • Efficient removal of contaminating DNA from RNA preparations
  • Free from RNases and inhibitors

Reaction Time: 15-20 minutes on column at 20-30°C
Activity: 10,000 Kunitz units/mg
One Kunitz unit is defined as the amount of DNase I that causes an increase in A260 of 0.001 per minute per milliliter at 25°C, pH 5.0, with highly polymerized DNA as the substrate.

Delivery information: Kit contains RNase-free DNase I and DNase I Digestion Buffer.

Upozornení: Storage/Stability: Store at -20°C. The peqGOLD DNase I Digest Kit is stable for at least 12 months from the date of purchase when both DNase I and DNase Digestion Buffer are stored at -20°C.
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