Wireless ultra-low temperature data logger, AiroSensor X ER 20-20-43 (−200 to +200 °C)

Supplier: SenseAnywhere

620-2702EA 450 EUR
620-2702 SENA0096647494807 620-2701
Wireless ultra-low temperature data logger, AiroSensor X ER 20-20-43 (−200 to +200 °C)
Data Loggers
The SenseAnywhere AiroSensor X ER model 20-20-43 is like the most popular AiroSensor T ER model 20-20-31 but with an IP 67 class connector featuring the digital SenseAnywhere Bus (SAB). The SAB bus is a hot pluggable interface which provides power and data communication to SAB external sensors from SenseAnywhere. Due to the nature of this interface, the external sensors can be tested and calibrated as an individual device providing a big advantage over analogue interfaces where the sensor and measuring device always need to be calibrated as a pair. Applicable in various industries: Pharmacies, transport of medicines, hospitality and healthcare, cold chain, laboratories.

  • Accurate PT100 probe
  • The accelerometer is used to detect motion or shock
  • Arrival and departure times are automatically logged
  • Real time: 24/7 data gives a complete audit trail
  • Alarms: Notification via email or text when limits are exceeded
  • Secure data storage: Access your data anywhere and anytime via the Cloud
  • SenseAnywhere wireless protocol with automatic service discovery and seamless roaming
  • 1 000 000 measurements
  • Motion: Accelerometer 3-axis, sensitivity 0 to 16 g, programmable

Wireless frequency: ISM band, 868 MHz (region 1)
Distance range between logger and access point: Up to 600 m/2000 ft outdoors
Logging capacity: 18 500 events with date/timestamp
Long-term temperature stability: ≦0,01 °C /year

SenseAnywhere introduces smart ultra-low temperature monitoring with the AiroSensor X ER 20-20-43 and the PT100 probe which has been especially designed to be used in:
- Ultra-low temperature environments for monitoring cryogenic applications down to −200 °C
- High temperature environments up to + 200 °C
As a consequence, this system (AiroSensor X ER 20-20-43 and the PT100 probe) ensures accurate measurements over a wide temperature range (−200 to +200 °C).

Certifikace: EN12830 class 1, storage and transport, climatic environment type: D CE, EN 300328, EN 55022.

Upozornení: Do not disconnect the connector at temperatures below −25 °C
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