DNA specimen collection cards, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Gensaver™ and GenSaver™ 2.0

Supplier: Ahlstrom
BINZ8.567.0003.B-NEA 3220 EUR
BINZ8.567.0003.B-N 730-1486 730-1487 BINZ8.566.0003.B-G BINZ8.566.0003.B-K 730-1349 BINZ8.566.0003.B-N BINZ8.567.0003.B-G 730-0662 730-0684 BINZ8.567.0003.B-K
DNA specimen collection cards, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Gensaver™ and GenSaver™ 2.0
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
GenSaver™ and GenSaver™ 2.0 collection cards are treated with a proprietary chemistry intended to prevent environmentally induced degradation. These cards allow long term preservation of DNA from biological fluids stored at ambient temperature.

  • Chemical treatment of these cards allows long-term ambient protection of DNA from dried matrix spots and improved qualitative and quantitative DNA recovery
  • Cards are manufactured in accordance to the world’s first international standard for forensic consumables, minimising the risk of human DNA contamination
  • DNA preserved on these cards can be used, even after 20 years of ambient storage, to generate high quality next generation sequencing data
  • GenSaver™ - Suitable for collection of blood samples
  • GenSaver™ Color - Suitable for the collection of colourless biosamples, such as saliva, buccal cells and urine

GenSaver™ and GenSaver™ Color cards are designed for the collection, transport and storage at ambient temperature of DNA from biological fluids. The fibre-based material of these cards is made of pure absorbent fibres, impregnated with a proprietary chemical formulation intended to prevent environmentally induced degradation for long-term ambient preservation of DNA.

GenSaver™ 2.0 and GenSaver™ Color 2.0 collection cards offer additional features, preventing the growth of microorganisms during the long term ambient storage of DNA.

Certifikace: Meets ISO 18385:2016.
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