VWR® Critical Swabs

Supplier: VWR

149-0339EA 394 EUR
VWRU89031-286 VWRU89031-276 149-0339 VWRU89022-998 VWRU89022-984 149-0333 149-0334 149-0265 149-0343 149-0337 149-0338
VWR® Critical Swabs
Swabs Swabs for Sampling
Swabs feature 100 ppi open or closed cell polyurethane foam, with 100% virgin polypropylene handle. Some have a blue, glass fibre, reinforced polypropylene shaft for extra rigidity, especially for use in critical environments.

  • Non abrasive to protect delicate components
  • Heads are thermally-bonded to the handle without adhesive
  • Withstand most widely used solvents in controlled environments

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