Wireless temperature data loggers, AiroSensor T

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Wireless temperature data loggers, AiroSensor T
Data Loggers
Accurate, maintenance-free wireless temperature data logger for stationary or transport use. Perfect for high humidity environments with rapid temperature changes and condensation.

  • Raises the bar for temperature monitoring and data logging
  • Compact and robust: Ultrasonically welded PC-ABS casing which is waterproof (IP 67) and measures just over 2×3×4 cm
  • Replaces USB loggers in the cold chain with an automatic wireless data collection solution
  • RF frequency (ISM band): 868 MHz
  • Installs in minutes and lasts a lifetime
  • Hassle-free system requiring no maintenance, no PC software to install, no back-up needed, and data is directly accessible anywhere on any smart device
  • No buttons or switches, fully controllable from the cloud
  • Delivers over one million measurements to the cloud during the life of the built-in battery
  • Full plug and play capability, the user just connects the AccessPoint to their network and installs the AiroSensor in the area where monitoring is required
  • QR code: Gives the AiroSensor its interactive display by just scanning it with a smart phone or tablet
  • Up to 10 years of battery life, with five minute intervals

AiroSensor is a new generation of wireless, ultra-low power data loggers that connect to the Cloud. It collects accurate temperature data at programmable pre-defined intervals and sends it to a central database in the Cloud. The data is kept in an online account and stored for five years. Motion detection has 3-axis, sensitivity 0 to 16 g, sensitivity remotely programmable.

Applications: Cold chain (GDP and HACCP compliance), monitoring temperature and humidity of goods during the complete storage and distribution chain, by just attaching the AiroSensor to the goods, remote monitoring of coolers, freezers in warehouses, stores or trailers and more.

How it works:
AiroSensor communicates through AccessPoint (wireless communication between the AccessPoint and the AiroSensor goes up to 600 m)
The logger discovers AccessPoint automatically (seamless roaming, no pairing or set-up)
AccessPoint forwards (does not store) the message from the logger to the database in the Cloud
The database securely stores the message and replies that the message has been received
The logger receives a reply from the database and deletes the message from its memory
Only the owner of the logger can access the data using any device connected to the Internet
Software in the Cloud handles the network integrity, monitoring and alerts

The Starter Kit contains everything you need to start monitoring your goods. Your network can be easily extended by purchasing more AiroSensors.

Note 1: AiroSensors can only be activated with Credits. 1 Credit is a 1 year subscription for 1 data logger.
Note 2: * RTLS = real time location system

Certifikace: CE, EN 300328, EN 55022, EN 12830, class 1, storage and transport climatic environment type: D.
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