Gibson Assembly® Ultra Master Mix

Supplier: Synthetic Genomics
Gibson Assembly® Ultra
GA1200-10MMEA 193 EUR
GA1200-10MM GA1200-50MM
Gibson Assembly® Ultra Master Mix
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The Gibson Assembly® Ultra reaction occurs in two steps using the addition of two master mixes in two sequential steps. In the first step, the GA Ultra Master Mix A (2X) creates single-strand DNA 5’ overhangs by chewing back DNA from the 3’ end. This reaction is cooled under conditions that allow for annealing of complementary overlap regions. Next, the Gibson Assembly® Ultra Master Mix B (2X) is added. During this step, nucleotides are incorporated into the construct to fill in the gaps in the annealed DNA fragments and nicks are sealed to create a contiguous DNA construct.

Informace pro objednávání: Master mixes supporting 10 or 50 reactions are available. Master mixes are provided as one vial of Gibson Assembly® Ultra Master Mix A (2X), one vial of Gibson Assembly® Ultra Master Mix B, and a detailed instruction manual. Note that this product does not include the Gibson Assembly® Positive Control found in the Gibson Assembly® Ultra Kit.
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