BOD systems, manometric, Lovibond BD 600

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BOD systems, manometric, Lovibond BD 600
BOD Measurement Systems
Manometric, respirometric BOD measurement using the Lovibond® BD 600 systems for determination of the quantity of oxygen required for biological degradation of organic matter in a waste water sample.

  • Measuring range of the system is 0 to 4000 mg/L
  • User and environment friendly
  • Large brilliant display for graphical representation of measured values
  • Remote control
  • User-selectable time span from 1 to 28 days
  • Free individual programming of each of the six samples
  • Inductive stirring system

Respirometric methods provide direct measurements of the oxygen consumed by microorganisms from an air or oxygen-enriched environment in a closed vessel under conditions of constant temperature and agitation. Carbon dioxide produced metabolically by the bacteria is chemically bound by the potassium hydroxide solution contained in the seal cup in the bottle.

The result is a pressure drop in the system, which is directly proportional to the BOD value and is measured by the BOD sensor. The BOD level is then displayed directly in mg/L.

The BOD values are stored automatically in the sensor memory in regulary intervals and can be called up on the large format display at any time without the need for time consuming conversion using factors. This means that test series that end on a Sunday can be evaluated during the following week without any problem. Measurement series can be stored on USB stick/SD card or transfered via USB cable to evaluate the data on a computer.
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