Laboratory Supplies Inventory Management and Software

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Powered by VSR+ technology

  • Gain complete visibility to all laboratory supplies and indirect materials
  • Track your inventory across multiple locations
  • Manage stock of any product from any supplier
  • Streamline procurement, optimize inventory levels, and spend less time managing your supplies

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Our new VSR+ technology enables a real-time, 360º view of your inventory. Developed to meet the specific challenges faced by research organizations, VSR+ is a software designed to simplify procurement and inventory management for facilities of any size, including those with the most complex supply networks for research, testing, and production.

A user-friendly interface conveys updates on inventory levels and allows you to find supplies, monitor stock consumption, replenish inventory, and verify incoming shipments easily.

Features include an activity-based notification and messaging system, which informs users, managers, and administrators of pending tasks such as orders, requests, shipments, and low critical product inventory.

VSR+ is easy-to-deploy and maintain, and the technology can integrate with your back-end system using built-in configurators, allowing you to connect to your environment.

VSR+ is customisable to your needs

Do you need to:

  • Set up a hierarchical stockroom management system with point-of-use locations connected to a central stockroom?
  • Manage inventory of products from any supplier?
  • Manage lot number and expiration date for your inventory?
  • Track products in the "each" level instead of "case" level?
  • Establish an approval workflow for orders and requests?
  • Automate replenishment orders?
  • Get automated, customized reports?
  • Provide multi-language support?

Numerous customisable features, combined with almost 100 user privileges, give you the right tools to address your needs.

An Intuitive User Interface

VSR+ offers a modern user interface with access to all major actions.

A sophisticated search engine retrieves product details, real-time prices, and more, and lets you create a stockroom article, place a direct order, or just browse for information.

Electronic replenishment orders utilize a live interface into VWR’s ERP system, accompanied by order confirmations and pertinent notifications received by VSR+.

You will benefit from a single, cost-effective solution to support your daily requirements, minimizing training.

Mobile Support

VSR+ supports a variety of the latest mobile scanning devices. Whatever the scale of your stockroom needs, a scanning solution from VWR can result in significant improvement.

When mobility, cost, and size are critical factors, you can choose a compact batch scanning solution. When a real-time connection into the VSR+ database is required, VWR offers scanning solutions using sophisticated mobile devices.

As long as you have a 3G or WiFi connection, you can access and manage stock details and transactions online.

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Lean supply chain management, from you lab to your stockroom to VWR distribution.