VWR solutions for a safe production of cytotoxic drugs

After the launch of our valuable brochure on "VWR solutions for safe production of cytotoxic drugs", you can now benefit from our full portfolio of products and services on our VWR website! 

  • A comprehensive overview of our products for your cytotoxic drug production areas
  • Value added services to support your quality assurance processes and to relieve you from non-core activities
  • Valuable background information on norms and regulations
  • Referencing useful tools, e.g. chemical permeation tables, how to behave in case of spillage, double gloving procedures including recommendations on which gloves to combine, and many more...

Range of products and services

Cytotoxic drugs are produced individually for each patient according to formulation, usually parenterally and under aseptic conditions. Particular attention must be paid to product and personnel protection, production requirements are particularly high. We are very aware of your special responsibility in your job in cytotoxic drug production – we know about the challenges you face in ensuring compliance, qualification of the staff, the validated production and the provision of security and quality of product, operator and patient protection. VWR has long-term consulting experience in sterile production and knows that every cytotoxic drug production has different requirements. Ask our sales consultant for their competent advice - whether it is about the right product or the right service!