Aqueous solutions for biopharmaceutical production

Order your aqueous solutions ready to use!

These ready to use aqueous solutions for biopharmaceutical production are mixed in a cleanroom with pharmaceutical grade raw materials (Ph. Eur.) and purified water (Ph. Eur., USP).

  • Solutions prepared in a controlled environment
  • Comprehensive Certificate of Analysis
  • Typical specifications for products in biopharmaceutical applications
  • Low bioburden
  Description Pack size Cat. No. Promo Price Quantity
  Sodium hydroxide 0,1 mol*l 2.5l VWRC85519.320E  
  Sodium hydroxide 0,1 mol*l 25l VWRC85519.460E  
  Sodium hydroxide 0,5 mol*l 2.5l VWRC85520.320E  
  Sodium hydroxide 0,5 mol*l 25l VWRC85520.460E  
  Sodium hydroxide 2 mol*l 2.5l VWRC85521.320E  
  Sodium hydroxide 2 mol*l 25l VWRC85521.460E  
  Sodium hydroxide 6 mol*l 2.5l VWRC85522.320E  
  Sodium hydroxide 6 mol*l 25l VWRC85522.460E  
  Sodium hydroxide 25% 2.5l VWRC85523.320E  
  Sodium hydroxide 25% 25l VWRC85523.460E  
  Sodium hydroxide 50% 2.5l VWRC85524.320E  
  Sodium hydroxide 50% 25l VWRC85524.460E  
  Hydrochloric acid 1 mol 2.5l 85447.320E  
  Hydrochloric acid 1 mol 25l 85447.460E  
  Hydrochloric acid 2 mol 2.5l 85399.320E  
  Hydrochloric acid 2 mol 25l 85399.460E  
  Hydrochloric acid 5 mol 2.5l 85400.320E  
  Hydrochloric acid 5 mol 25l 85400.460E  
  Hydrochloric acid 6 mol 2.5l 85401.320E  
  Hydrochloric acid 6 mol 25l 85401.460E  
  Hydrochloric acid 10% Ph. Eur 10l 5594.9010E  
  Hydrochloric acid 10% Ph. Eur 210 kg 5594.9200E