J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution

Viral Inactivation with high purity and quality

Improve viral inactivation efficiency and minimize introduction of protein and process related impurities with J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution. This biodegradable, ready-to-use detergent maintains cGMP quality and regulatory compliance while addressing environmental concerns with REACH.

Maximize downstream efficiency and minimize risk

The new readily biodegradable J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution from Avantor® is a highly effective detergent that efficiently inactivates or destroys residual viruses prior to the Protein A capture step. Compatible across a range of molecules, J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution minimizes contamination risk by reducing the viral burden on subsequent process steps without impacting protein integrity.

J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution provides comparable viral clearance to Triton X-100 while eliminating processing steps, increasing efficiency in your downstream process.

  • Decrease the viral burden in downstream processing steps with a high purity solution that does not impact protein integrity
  • Comparable viral clearance to industry standard, while addressing REACH environmental at scale up and avoiding delays
  • Controlled protein impurities and compatibility with downstream unit operations offer greater performance benefits
  • Provides a better alternative to low pH hold viral inactivation that maintains mAbs quality, activity and stability

Implement detergent-based viral inactivation prior to the protein capture step to decrease viral burden downstream and overcome environmental concerns.

  • This high purity J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution does not impact protein integrity — its compatibility with the protein of interest and subsequent purification steps ensures increased process yield
  • Readily biodegradable solution is an easy-to-use alternative to Triton X-100 that is not on the substances of very high concern list — supporting the quality and stability of target proteins
  • Offers key quality advantages with high purity to create a cGMP-ready process
  • Avantor offers an analytical method to detect the active ingredient for process clearance and equipment cleaning validation

Achieve cost, time and labor savings with minimized processing challenges associated with foaming and viscosity, less required detergent volume and no viral inactivation buffer prep.

  • Low foam height and viscosity minimizes process challenges, enabling easier fluid handling and less engineering concerns
  • Lower detergent volume reduces cost by increasing process efficiency
  • Filtered and ready-to-use solution in convenient packaging eliminates prep time and risk
  • Room temperature storage and shipping makes warehousing easy, and global distribution network helps assure security of supply


Effective viral clearance that is compatible across a range of biomolecules and subsequent purification steps.

Quality and risk mitigation

Minimize contamination risk without impacting protein integrity to maintain cGMP quality.


The lower detergent volume and readily biodegradable formula in J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution is a great example of Avantor’s commitment to sustainability.


Partner with Avantor for the expertise and support you need to improve the efficiency of your purification process, and capitalize on your full potential.

J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution

Seeking a sustainable solution for viral inactivation?
Choose the safer choice for improved efficiency, compatibility, and regulatory compliance while being mindful of environmental considerations.

Maximize efficiency in your viral clearance process in downstream.

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