Isolator cleaning tool: Mop hardware, replacement head and handle


Specially engineered to work with isolators and other small, hard to reach areas

  • Easy to manoeuvre, lightweight handles offer one-handed operation
  • Low profile, swivel head allows you to get into hard to reach places
  • Engineered for quick cover changes during operation, the padded head allows for consistent mopping across different surfaces without losing cleaning power
  • The rounded edges clean isolator corners and prevent scratches or damage to surfaces
  • Available with different types of mop handles and mop covers, sterile and non sterile
Description Pk Cat. No. Promo price Quantity
AlphaMop isolator cleaning tool 1 mop/case; 2 handles (18" and 24"); 1 polyester foam pad & 6 polyester mop covers
Sterile Mini AlphaMop covers polyester replacement covers & pads 125 covers and 25 pads/case
Sterile isolator cleaning tool microdenier covers & polyester pads 5 covers and 1 pad/ bag; 25 bags/case
Mini Alpha Mop replacement polyester foam pads 10/pk (10) 1 * 100 items 129-0275E
AlphaWipe® replacement mop covers (ISO Class 4-8) 150 mop covers/case; 25 covers/inner bag; 6 inner bags/case 129-0276E
Mini-AlphaMop isolator cleaning tool, polyester replacement set (ISO Class 4-8) 150 mop covers/case; 25 covers/inner bag; 6 inner bags/case; 6 foam pads/case 141-1058E