Sustainable hygiene and disposal solutions

We have selected below a range of cleaning consumables, spill control and waste disposal products designed with the future of the planet in mind. Whether they help you to use less, recycle more or create less hazardous waste, all can have a positive impact in the lab or production environment.

Rubbermaid recycling bins

Ensure that all general waste goes into the correct bin to optomise the amount that you recycle.

r-MicronQuick Recycled Cleaning Cloths

They are made from up to 70% recycled superior micronfibre technology. Reusable, the cloths can withstand up to 400 wash cycles.

Chicopee Biodegradable J-cloths

Swop to this biodegradable version of your favourite J-cloth. Made with 100% natural fibres these wipes are compostable and colour coded for a variety of janitorial applications.

Kimberly-Clark WypAll® REACH™

Reduce paper consumption and waste, at the same time increase hygiene when you use these mobile centrefeed roll dispensers.

Diversey Sure®

Sure® is a comprehensive offering of plant-based, 100% biodegradable* cleaning products with environmentally-friendly ingredients from renewable resources.

Brady SpillFix

Coconut Coir spillage granules for the absorption of hydrocarbons, water-based fluids, and most aggressive chemicals. Made from 100% recycled materials.

NewPig, Eco friendly Spill kit

Reusable jute plant bark bag containing environmentally friendly absorbents made from a high recycled content.

Econix Biobin®

Fold flat, UN approved, cardboard waste receptacles for medicinal, infectious, cytotoxic, anatomical, offensive or laboratory waste.

Waste disposal jars

If hazardrous lab waste does need to go to landfil, then make sure it is as compact as possible. The plastic jars shrink around contents when autoclaved.