Electrochemistry Products

Avantor Electrochemistry

Avantor has a comprehensive assortment of meters, probes, accessories, and chemicals that analysts in your lab need to measure pH, conductivity or perform titrations using electrochemical techniques.

VWR is the biggest leading distributor on the electrochemistry field, offering the best choice of well known suppliers and products!

Accurate electrochemical results are either quantitative or qualitative. Electrochemical methods are used in the laboratory, the field or in continuous process monitoring to measure pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, specific ions and other parameters.

The VWR electrochemistry range includes portable, bench and even pen style meters for pH/conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen/ISE and of course titration. As well as state-of-the-art electronic meters, VWR also offers a large selection of high quality probes and electrodes, reagents and accessories as well as complete packages and sets.

Offering everything you need for electrochemistry in one place from big name brands to our own great value VWR Collection!

Find out some new technologies – be ready for the future.

Product selection

Multi-parameter Meters

Multi-parameter meters represent great value for money in a convenient format...


Everything you need for this common quantitative technique from classical glassware to automatic titrators, including reagents and accessories...

Karl Fischer titration for water determination

Choice of compact volumetric or coulometric Karl Fisher titrators and related reagents for water determination...

pH/mV and Ion

A portfolio of meters (bench and hand held) with an array of electrodes, buffers and accessories offering you a wide choice at great value...


Conductivity measurement made easy - everything you need from one source...

Dissolved Oxygen

Robust and reliable hand held and bench oxygen meters are available with a choice of optical and standard probes to give you the results you want...