Physical measurement

Avantor Physical Measurement

Compounds and the materials in them can be identified by measuring their physical structure, refractive index, melting point, or other characteristics. Avantor offers a complete line of measurement products analysts can use for those tasks.

Compounds act differently because their physical structures are not the same. Analysts are able to identify and quantify materials by examining physical characteristics such as density, their refractive index, melting point, viscosity, moisture content, or other physical characteristics. Avantor carries a full line of measuring instrument analysts can use in your lab or in the field.


Avantor offers several choices of density meters in hand-held and desktop configurations so you can work in labs, production areas, and in the field. We have high-quality densitometers from several manufacturers to choose from.

Melting Point

Calculate the melting point and purity of samples with your choice of melting point apparatus available from Avantor. We carry a full line of apparatus, accessories, and materials so you can choose the products that work best for your lab.


Microscopes are invaluable for seeing details that are not visible to the naked eye. Avantor offers dozens of microscopes from many manufacturers so you can choose the brands you trust and the products that best meet your needs.

Moisture Analyzers

You can get accurate, reliable results for moisture content analysis with your choice moisture analyzers available from Avantor. We carry moisture analyzers from several top-quality brands so you can get the product that meets your needs.


Avantor carries a variety of polarimeters that your analysts can use to measure the way polarized light passes through different substances and materials. We can provide polarimeters of different sizes and configurations to fit your lab.


Avantor offers handheld and benchtop refractometers that will let your analysts quickly and accurately determine refractive index and other measurements. We offer models with features such as automatic temperature control and calibration tools.


Analysts can easily measure the fluid viscosity and flow properties with any of the dozens of viscometers Avantor offers from the top brands. You can choose from a long list of viscometers that are accurate, reliable, and easy to use.