Eye and Face Protection

From simple eye protection to face shields that cover the entire face, VWR has the safety products you and your workers need to stay safe on the job.

This type of personal protection equipment is made to protect eyes from contact with something that we call a harmful or dangerous factor.

Examples of these factors are:

  • Impact (e.g. fragments of solid bodies)
  • Optical radiation (e.g. radiation related to welding processes, sun glare, laser radiation) UV radiation at work and health
  • Dusts and gases (e.g. coal dust, welding fumes or aerosols of harmful chemical substances)
  • Droplets and splashes of fluids (e.g. splatters appearing while pouring fluids)
  • Melted metals and hot solid bodies (e.g. chips of melted metals appearing in metallurgical processes)
  • Electric arc (e.g. occurring while conducting high tension work)
VWR also offers a full line of accessories, from storage solutions to replacement parts. This guarantees that your investment in our face protection products lasts as long as you need it.

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