Greener solutions for Controlled Environments

The cleanroom is inherently a challenging environment to be environmentally conscious. We use a lot of energy and rely on single-use items and additional packaging to reduce the risk of contamination events. It is also difficult to make changes when articles are written into SOP's or would require re-validation effort to change. There are, however, a number of new innovations coming to the market now where the environmental impact is considered and every step towards reducing our carbon footprint. Whether that be through using less or buying better, it is a step in the right direction.

Cleanroom wipes

Contec Refibe

Non sterile and sterile 100% knitted, laundered polyester cleanroom wipes made from 100% recycled consumer plastic water bottles. Each pack of wipes stops 35+ bottles from going to landfill

Texwipe Revolve

Dry or pre-wetted wipes, mop covers and pads, available sterile and non-sterile. Made from post-consumer polyester (rPET) yarn, made by upcycling plastic water bottles

Diversey Oxivir wipes

The active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, breaks down into environmentally-friendly water and O2. The wipes and tubs are recyclable.

Cleanroom stationary and packaging

VWR PureImage cleanroom paper

Recyclable as there is no latex coating and comes with more sustainable

EcoBond cleanroom paper

A recyclable version of BCR® cleanroom bond paper. EcoBond® is made from cellulose and is recommended for use in ISO Class 3 to 7

Flooring and matting

VWR Purestep mats EnviroTack

Contains GMO free, renewable plant based material that reduces CO2 emissions Made with 20% specially designed biohybrid resin. Adhesive mats are also recyclable after use

Intelligent sole cleaning machine

Eliminates the need for tacky mats or shoe covers, so less disposable waste Simple to install, easy to clean, high particle removal

Micronova Novaclean detergent

Recyclable as well as safer for human and environmental health