Environmentally preferable safety and workwear

Without compromising on safety or welfare, there are now PPE and workwear options that are either manufatured in a more sustainable way, that use up less raw materials when produced and packaged or that can be disposed of or recycled at end of use. Make a swop to one of the environmentally preferable articles below.


Portwest Biztex™ ST90 coveralls

Type 5/6 coveralls that can be washed 5 times

Cederroth First Aid

The green-coloured plastic in Cederroth Stations and Dispensers are from January 2022 made of >85% recycled plastics.

JALAS® Green Line Shoe Collection

The first collection of safety footwear to be given the EU Ecolabel (JALAS® 6418 Bio, JALAS® 6468 Eko, JALAS® 6498 Nature).

VWR Nitrile Green gloves

The production process for these gloves has been redesigned to save gas, electricity and CO2 emissions, so you can reduce your eco-footprint while still wearing a glove that is skin friendly, and provides superior barrier protection.

Showa biodgradable gloves

Featuring SHOWA’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology®, these gloves are engineered for accelerated biodegradation in biologically active landfills.

VWR glove liners

These liners wick away perspiration, making gloves more comfortable for longer, so can be a way to reduce usage.

uvex Bamboo TwinFlex D xg

Made from 45%; bamboo viscose and recycled polyamide. With reduced packaging and a CO2 neutral production rating

uvex planet C500 glove liners

Manufactured using Bamboo TwinFlex® technology which ensures maximum cut resistance, exceptional abrasion resistance and outstanding wearing comfort.

Uvex planet i-guard eyewear

Modular eyewear range made using biobased and recycled materials, with improved packaging and the energy used in the production process is from biomass sources.

Bolle Solis Go Green Safety Specs

The nylon frame is manufactured from recycled fishing nets, with more environmentally friendly production, transportation and no plastic packaging.

Elten L10 safety footwear - Made using Terracare eco-friendly leather

Elten works with machines that are designed for energy and material-efficiency. So less waste is generated in the production process. Made in Germany, so less transport.

Portwest Vegan footwear

No animal products or animal by-products are used in the production of these footwear lines.

Uvex 1 G2 Planet safety footwear

Made from recycled materials with recycled packaging. Manufactured in a European facility using renewable energy and reduced waste

Dupont Chemical resistant overalls, Tyvek® 500 Xpert

Optional Eco packaging (bulk packed option) reduces waste and energy consumption.

Environmentally preferable labcoats

Lab coats made from recycled materials, that include a recycling solution at end of use.

JSP hard hats with recycling service

A comprehensive range of safety helmets with compatible free recycling sheme (you only pay for the return shipping).

Uvex planet safety helmets

Shell is made from 30% bioplastic, headband is 50% recycled. Reduced and recycled packaging.