DWK Life Sciences - Safety in the Lab

Safety matters. And in the lab, safety matters a lot.

However, selecting the safest type of labware for an application can be overlooked. And even with the best laboratory equipment for the task at hand, health and safety in the lab can still be improved by sharing information about the best working practices as widely as possible.

With more than 100 years of commitment to innovation across their business, DWK Life Sciences have created a wide range of products designed to improve lab safety, protecting you, your colleagues, and the contents you are working with. It has also inspired them to start sharing as much knowledge as we can about the safest ways to work with our products.

Lab Safety Products

When working in the lab, certain applications benefit from specialist products designed with specific safety features in mind. Explore Lab Safety Products from DWK Life Sciences.

Safety Tips & Tricks

From advice on your initial selection of products, to information on caring for your labware, the more you and your colleagues know the more health and safety in the lab will be improved. Explore DWK's advice and don’t forget to share with your team!

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The Safer Choice Webinar: Improving Safety in the Lab through product selection and usage