Density Measurement

Densimeters for all applications from quality control of incoming goods to at-line quality assurance of intermediate or final products.

Depending on your sample of interest, as well as the accuracy and ease of use required for the measurement, different techniques are used to analyse a sample. This density guide will explain which method is preferable when handling liquids. For solid and liquid samples you can also work with balances which have the density function built-in or have an under-hook weighing function to determine it manually.

Density Guide

Digital hydrometer

Handheld digital hydrometers, or digital density meters, are used to determine the density of liquids quickly and automatically.

Density kits for VWR balances

Complete kits that, together with the appropriate balance, allow the user to calculate the density of liquids or non absorbent solids.

Density standards

Density standards can be used as calibration standards for density measurements by pycnometric, vibrational or hydrometer-based techniques.

Hydrometers and pycnometers

Hydrometers and pycnometers are used to measure the specific gravity or relative density of liquids or solids.