Software and Automation

Software and Automation

Software is an increasingly important area of analytical chemistry. With software you can automate many operations, improve data quality, reduce errors, improve compliance and increase efficiency.  The Chromatography Data System (CDS) is the most commonly used software pacakge however there are many others that can help you to work better and smarter in your lab.

Product pages

OpenLab CDS

You work in a highly regulated laboratory and need the most up-to-date data security with a modern user experience.

OpenLab EZ Chrom Edition

You are used to the legacy EZChrom interface and file structure but need it in a modern setting. A wide range of instruments can be controlled

Clarity CDS

If you need a CDS that gives you the flexibility of multivendor instrument control, whilst giving a clear user interface, Clarity is a good option.


You need high quality, robust methods for efficient, high quality results. ChromSword can automate your method development and robustness testing.

NeoLiCy: Software for the assessment of analytical method lifecycle

You need to make sure that your analytical method is assessed with regards to the regulatory framework within which you are working

Lab PCs

You need to make sure that you have the correct PCs to meet the software requirements. We have put together packages to save you time.

Empower drivers

If you need Empower licences to operate with your Hitachi HPLC systems, we have a range available here.