Quantus Under Garments

In order to optimize the Quantus® garment system, we recommend the use of abrasion-proof, functional under garments (Underwear).

High quality blends in polyester, microfibre or cotton/polyester that minimize loose fibers are available. Additional comfort is achieved through optimal moisture and heat transport.

Besides physiological aspects and comfort, aspects of hard-wearing work clothes as well as CI-requirements and modern styles and colors are becoming more and more important when choosing under garments.

The product range of Quantus Under Garments includes:

  • Sweatshirts (long sleeves) 
  • T-Shirts (short sleeves)
  • Trousers
  • Jackets
  • Socks

Fabrics for Quantus Under Garments 

Model Overview Quantus Under Garments

Sizing for Quantus Under Garments

Underwear Standard

Sweatshirt (long sleeves with knitted kuffs), T-Shirts (short sleeves), Trousers (with rubber band at ankle height) available. Made of microfibre, antimicrobial finish


Top and Trousers. antistatic and antimicrobial equipped. Keenly softer feeling, with tightly texture tie and excellent breathability.


Scks with low abrasion and washable to 30°C.