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Focus: Production – 2022-2023

Learn more about the advice of our trusted brands to the reduction of waste, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and how Avantor can help you to make more eco-friendly purchasing decisions. 


Award winning, sterile, ventilated cleanroom helmet and hood system ViVi-CR for operators in aseptic cleanrooms

Surgical masks type IIR, with ear loops and nose bridge

Made from a soft and flexible non-woven fabric with a 3 ply construction to provide greater than 99% bacterial filtering efficiency. Now in pack of 50.

VWR® class 100 cleanroom mask

New! White cleanroom masks with ear loops and nose bridge. Low particle generation, low breathing resistance, BFE > 95%. Double bagged.

VWR Collection Cleanroom socks - New!

These disposable, non-ESD, cleanroom socks are suitable for use in ISO class 4 to 6 (class 10 to 1000) cleanrooms. Soft and comfortable to wear.

VWR Collection ESD Cleanroom socks - New!

Cleanroom socks with ESD properties. Two size options. Light grey. Soft and comfortable, low particle generation.

Contec Refibe™ - cleanroom wipes made from recycled plastic water bottles!

New! 100% knitted standard weight polyester wipes, with heat sealed edges, made from recycled bottles. Each pack saves 35 bottles from going to waste.

VWR Cleanroom wipes: ultra-clean, highly absorbent and durable

Control spill in your cleanrooms. These durable wipes resist fibre release and abrasion even when wiping rough surfaces. Suitable for use in Class 1, ISO 3

NEW! WypAll® Reach™ - Portable, hygenic centrefeed system

WypAll® solutions have been designed to enhance regulatory hygiene practices and compliance, helping reduce the risk of cross-contamination and reduce paper consumption.

TexWipe Alpha® 1 dry sterile cleanroom wipes

Ideal for wiping surfaces susceptible to scratching. Features quick wicking performance and increased lifting and capturing of particles as small as microbes.

Touch-free soap dispenser

Automatic and touch-free, reduces cross contamination. Wall mountable.

VWR® Intelligent Sole Cleaning Machine (ISCM)

No need for tacky mats or shoe covers, the ISCM cleans your soles in 4 seconds. High quality 316 stainless steel construction, service life up to 8 years.

VWR PureStep, Multi-layer adhesive floor mats

Placed in high traffic areas or doorways, tacky mats help to limit potential floor transmission of Covid-19 due to foot traffic. With 30 or 60 layer.

Next generation cleanroom vacuum cleaner - TigerVac CR-1200WD for dry recovery

Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and microelectronics industry. Comes with a multiple stages HEPA and ULPA filtration system.