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VWR International offers business-to-business (B2B) e-procurement integration to extend and optimize control of your supply chain.

Imagine one portal for a majority of your spend activities! VWR can bring a new level of automation and efficiency to your purchasing activities to help control costs and increase productivity.

Our key differentiator is our people who provide extensive process insight. Through a team approach, they deliver the skills, ingenuity and breadth of experience to fully support your integration, even prior to software selection. Each of our technically adept and experienced project managers specializes in specific integration protocols to assure optimal results.

Mag.Georg Bellersen
Tel.:  +43 1 97002 221
Mobile: +43 664 80970221

e-Procurement Applications

VWR has invested in technology to develop interfaces to the major e-proceurement software providers...

Supported Protocols

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Project Management

What can you expect from your VWR eBusiness Project Manager?

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