Temperature Mapping

Brand independant temperature, humidity and CO2 measurement of temperature devices
Temperature mapping or thermal mapping is a service which is dedicated to all temperature devices that need to be in compliant with regulations such as FDA and GMP/GLP. VWR provides our customers with a service which is suitable to all temperature controlled environments.

Our scope covers cryogenic environments, furnaces and CO2-incubators in which we can also monitor the humidity and CO2. The complete scope of temperature regulated environments which can be validated by us:

• PCR cyclers
• Incubators
• Refrigerators
• Freezers and ultra low freezers
• Warehouses
• Cold stores
• Autoclave
• Plasma freezers
• Ovens
• Stability rooms
• Shippers

Due to the wide range of temperature controlled equipment in most laboratories we also see a variety of validation protocols, reports and validation providers. As we deliver our temperature mapping as a brand independant service we can provide a harmonised approach and standardisation of protocols and reports.