Not All Syringe Filters Are Equal

Give Your Samples the VIP Treatment from Pall Laboratory

Pall Laboratory’s new universal wwPTFE (water wettable polytetrafluoroethylene) separates itself from the crowd. This innovative membrane gives you the certainty and assurance you need to ensure trouble-free analysis. High flow rates and increased throughput with all types of samples from aqueous to aggressive organic solvents, minimising validation work and simplifying complex laboratory workflows.

The new Acrodisc One™ syringe filter with wwPTFE membrane is a premium syringe filter (PSF) that exceeds expectations, extending HPLC column life up to 52 times! A syringe filter that will save you time and money with a multi-layer pre-filter for up to 30% increased throughput and higher flow rates.

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  • Acrodisc One extends HPLC column life up to 52 times
  • Pall’s unique PSF design provides a greater effective Filtration Area than traditional 25mm syringe filters, for up to 30% increased throughput and higher flow rates up to 150ml.
  • Available with GxF asymmetric multi-layer pre-filter for higher particle holding capacity in tough to filter samples.
  • 13 mm Acrodisc® syringe filter, with minispike configuration, offers low hold-up and easy filtration into autosampler vials
  • Certified low levels of UV-absorbing extractables for accurate analysis for HPLC/UHPLC
  • For both aqueous and aggressive organic solvent-based solutions

For Higher Performance – The Acrodisc One PSF Design

  • Reduce system downtime
  • Extend column lifetime
  • Prevent injection port blocking
  • Give reproducible results

Download the technical guide for more details on how to choose the right syringe filter, extending your column lifetime or looking at extractables and drug binding.

  • Minimise validation time and costs by only using one filter for all samples
  • Absolute rated to give excellent filtration efficiency

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